Air Swimming Fun From Air Swimmers | Flying Shark

Giant Flying Shark and Flying Clown Fish (flying Nemo)
Are you looking for the air swimming fun that has hit the UK by storm? You’ve found it! These giant floating fish will entertain you for hours, an absolute must have toy! The flying shark and flying clown fish from Air Swimmers are totally amazing, the most fun that can be had with anything helium filled!

The giant flying shark and giant flying clown fish (flying Nemo) are a total knock out, so what are you waiting for, get yours today before stocks run out! Your friends and family will absolutely love these things and you will be the life of any party if you turn up with one.

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These incredibly life-like air swimming giant fish are remote controlled helium filled balloons, which have clever attachments that allow them to swim elegantly through the air. The giant flying shark has an amazing effect on children and adults alike, when one of these bad boys floats into a room it brings an instant smile to everybody’s face, even the budding Victor Meldrew in the family! and for the very young you should try the flying clown fish which looks a bit like a giant flying Nemo!

These giant floating fish are super easy to fly so don’t worry you won’t need a pilot’s licence, or a fishing licence! Just assemble, fill with helium and you’re ready to have the time of your life! Or at least as much fun as you will ever have with a helium balloon.

Hey whichever of these giant floating fish you prefer you are sure to have fantastic air swimming, helium filled, remote control fun, so get one today, they really are awesome!

Both the flying shark and flying Nemo from Air Swimmers come with assembly instructions but we also have instructional video which help give you a better idea of what is involved in the assembly and act easy-to-follow instructions, which we think is easier than reading the instructions!! So be sure to check out our flying fish video section on this website.

Ask yourself this question: Do I deserve to have mega fun? If the answer is yes then get one, or two, of these giant floating fish from Air Swimmers, trust us when we say this.. you will have so much fun!